Friday, April 27, 2012

Going Political

Well, I ventured into the world of politics. My client Ann DeLacy, is running for the Howard County Board of Education, this year. She even named me her "Campaign Graphic Designer and Social Media Coordinator" Fancy, right? :-)

Anywho, I designed her logo, business card, website (click here to view), promo poster, yard sign and volunteer sign-up form

WHEW! It was a lot of work but fun at the same time. Ann is a very sweet and competent  person. I know she will win!! The designs are below:

(P.S. Ann won the primaries!  She is a great candidate for the School Board. If you live in Howard County, VOTE FOR HER IN NOVEMBER!!!!)
Full logo

Short Logo

Business Card

Yard Sign

Event Promo

Volunteer Sign-up

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black & White Typography (All with Letters)

Here, I used the letter "L"  to make the pattern on the left and the letter "e" to make the one on the right. (Click to enlarge)

For my typography class, I had to design a perfume bottle using only "M pour hommes" and "F pour femmes." I also had to make a pattern with letters. The patterns are an "m" and an "f."(Click to enlarge)

In this design, I had to illustrate the word by spelling the word. (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holiday Card Covers( I know I'm late

So, over the holiday, I did more than stuff my face. I did do a little more designing. Since I was in the holiday spirit, I decided to make Holiday Card Covers. Some are inspired by some of my favorite Christmas songs. I hope you like!!!!