Monday, November 28, 2011

Back with some logos....

TMDC logo
Here, I created a logo for the Thurgood Marshall Democratic Club of Howard County, MD. This is a non-profit organization that educates and empowers African American Democratic voters in Howard County about political issues within the county and nationally. Their main focus is improving voter registration numbers in Howard County among African Americans.

With all of this information, I wanted capture what the organization does without making it too obvious. I chose to create a blue check mark to represent the democratic party and their voters. I also chose to use a sans-serif typeface to make the logo simple and easy to read at all font sizes. The client also requested that I super-impose an outline of Howard County. I gave the client many different designs but this is the one that made the cut. 

Here are some other solutions that I came up with.

Ladies Love Literature logo

Next, I did a logo for a book club that my friend Gabriela started, Ladies Love Literature. She wanted me to do something clever with the L's and incorporate the color pink. Shout out to my LLL girls :-)

The duds are below(lol):

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